Sending AP scores?

I’m planning on applying ED to Vanderbilt. Sophomore year I took AP Physics 1, got an A for the year but only a 3 on the exam. This year I took AP Chem and AP US History, I got an A- in Chem, but an A in APUSH. I got 4s on both exams. My question is, should I send these scores? I’ve heard not to send any extra information if its not stellar, and an AP score report would count as “extra.” However I’ve also heard that if you don’t send scores it makes it look like you either didn’t take the exam cause it was a joke class, or that you failed them cause it was a joke class.

I’m probably overanalyzing this, but I worked incredibly hard in all three classes and those As didn’t come easy, I just have a hard time taking tests sometimes, though I’m really surprised I only got a 4 in history.

What would be best to do? To send or not to send?

Maybe ask in the Vanderbilt forum

AP Scores carry little to no weight in the admissions process; they are primarily used for credit.

Having said that, I see no reason not to report any scores that are 3+. They are still good scores. If you don’t report, and the AP courses appear on your transcript as AP, the AO may wonder why you did not report them and assume that you got a 1.