sending ap scores...

<p>i know for sat's the list at collegeboard recieves ur sat ii scores and such, but how about for ap's, i'm currently a junior and want to send scores to 4 schools... how would i do that?</p>

<p>skeet come on... legit question</p>

<p>i just sent my ap scores to a couple of colleges.</p>

<p>first you gotta go to the ap page and find the phone # (if you're having problems post again and i'll find it for you)</p>

<p>then find the college codes(for receiving your scores) also in the CB website</p>

<p>make a list with college name/city and code</p>

<p>call that number</p>

<p>have a credit card ready and tell the person you wanna send AP scores</p>

<p>then follow his instructions</p>

<p>hope this helps</p>

<p>btw i think it's $15 regular and $25 rush PER college.</p>

<p>damn... that's a lot, is it possible that since my school has the transcripts that they send it with my grades?</p>