Sending AP Scores?

My daughter is applying to liberal arts colleges such as Kenyon, Hamilton, Oberlin, and Dickinson. Do you think that submitting the following AP Scores (submission is optional) would be helpful in her application? European History (10th grade) - 3, US History and English Language/Composition (both 11th grade) - 4 for both. I have been told by one admissions office that it is up to her to submit or not submit a copy of the score report. I am thinking that by sending the scores, it would at least show she took the exams and did OK, since some students take AP courses and dont take the exams at all (At our high school it is required to take them if you take the AP course) Do you think that the 3 (in 10th grade) will be considered a poor score by the colleges?, My daughter almost fell asleep during that test, as she was ill.

<p>It is probably better to submit. If she does not, they will assume that her scores are all 3 or below. My daughter had a similar dilemma (3+5), decided to submit the scores, and it did not hurt her even at most competitive schools.</p>

<p>Thanks. Also, they may assume she didn't even take the test, and then they will have no idea of the quality of the AP classes which she took</p>