Sending AP Scores

<p>I thought that we don't need to send AP scores to Princeton before the app deadline, but look at these emails:</p>



<p>I am applying Early Decision to Princeton University. I would like to
know, by when should I send my AP scores?</p>


<p>Thank you for writing.</p>

<p>Although your AP scores will possibly be contained on your transcript, we would prefer that you notify the testing center to release an original score report to the Admission Office. Since you are applying Early Decision, you should make the call soon as the deadlines are fast approaching.</p>

<p>We appreciate your interest in PRinceton and wish you luck inthe application process.</p>


<p>I'm confused! So is this AP score report required or not? I mean, he/she used the word "prefer" not "require," but at the same time I was told that I "should" make the call.</p>

<p>I don't have enough time to wait for another answer from the adcoms.</p>

<p>although adcoms say that AP scores dont affect admission, i think they do, or else they wouldnt ask for them. everyone has them and if your school DOES offer AP and you DIDNT take them, that would look negatively upon you. i guess they just say it cant "help you" that much because there are many people who cannot take APs since their schools dont offer it. but if your school does offer it, you could have the advantage over someone that didnt take any and was offered to take them. so send them in for ED</p>

<p>The application form itself has an AP scores section, which I filled out. I'm sending the scores anyway, but I hope adcoms won't mind if the report arrives after 11/1.</p>