Sending AP scores

If you send colleges AP scores, are they considered in the admissions process? (btw the schools of concern are Cornell, cmu, rpi, u of rochester, brown and wustl)

<p>from what i know, AP scores arent looked at until you are admitted</p>

<p>If they are good (4,5), they may help you. If they are bad (<3)--don't send.</p>

<p>do you have to send an official report or can i just include a copy of the ap scores they sent me in july?</p>

<p>I disagree. 3s should be sent regardless of what anyone tells you. It is not a reflection on your ability if your test scores are strong - instead it the admissions committee will understand that the teaching may be lackluster.</p>

<p>You don't need to send the official report at this time. A copy of your score report will be fine.</p>