Sending AP scores

<p>Are AP scores on the final highschool transcript? This is what I have been hearing. Or do we have to send it via collegeboard.</p>


<p>I don't think AP scores should be on your HS transcripts... its through collegeboard.</p>

<p>If you didn't choose to have your scores sent to Irvine when you took your AP test, I guess you will have to do it manually by calling AP services. You will need to have your AP number when calling. Hopefully you saved your AP student packet or the yellow slip that was in it.</p>

<p>My AP score is too low to be qualified for credit. Should I still send my AP score by 7/15?
Or, if my SAT scores are all in, am I in a good shape?</p>

<p>okay i called and collegeboard said they won't be processing ap transcripts till the 3rd....wth i though it was july 1....will my scores get there in time?? ><</p>