Sending Apps by Mail ~~!

<p>I applied Urbana Champaign by mail for priority filling (Nov 1)</p>

<p>but how do you know that they have received all of the information </p>

<p>since I did not apply electronically?</p>

<p>do they send mails or what. or should I call them to check out :-(</p>

<p>most colleges send out postcards telling you they've received it. I imagine UIUC would do the same.</p>

<p>Geeze I've applied to Tulane, Illinois Institute of technology, and U of Wisconsin-madison 2 weeks ago and still haven't received anything</p>

<p>nah depends... not all college send out things to you... you may have to call them.</p>

<p>I applied by mail also. If you put down your e-mail address, they send you an e-mail with information that allows you to check your status online. If you didn't put down your e-mail, like another person I know, they send you a letter in the mail giving you that information. Which college in UIUC are you applying to ?</p>

<p>Good Luck,</p>


<p>Do you all send yours certified mail with receipt? This is how I've sent mine but only because I'm paranoid</p>

<p>I just let my counselor take care of it. I really don't know how she does it.</p>

<p>I applied LAS - Biochemistry in UIUC.
Since they do not provide Biomed ENG, I had to choose my intended area of study.
anyway, we had snow today!! in Buffalo!</p>

<p>Confirmation depends on
a) where you live
b) when you sent your application
c) the school you're applying to</p>

<p>Some send confirmation emails, others postcards. If in doubt just call to ask.</p>