Sending artistic material...?

<p>I'd like to know if people think I should send a CD of me playing my saxophone with my applications for Duke and Princeton. They say that you should send it only if you are really good, but how good? I've been in All-State Band both years I could be, and I've also been playing literature that's some of the hardest out there for alto saxophone. I'm not good enough at saxophone that I'm going to be the next Kenny G or anything, though! So do you think I should send a CD, or do they basically just want someone who's going to win national awards for their ability?! I guess it's hard to know since nobody has ever heard me play, but does anyone know of some guidlines I could at least follow? I don't want to send it and have them reject me because it's not good enough, however if it's going to help me get in then I definitely want to!</p>

<p>Send a CD. It can help you a lot if they need a sax player in one of their ensembles. All-State band for 2 years is respectable enough.</p>

<p>I agree. Besides, it shows how good you really are instead of just saying "I was in this... and I did this..."</p>