Sending CSS profile to new schools after a correction

Hi! I submitted a correction to my son’s CSS profile and now I no longer see an option to add schools on the CSS Profile dashboard. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there some lag between submitting a correction and being able to add schools?

Where did you send this correction?

I made the correction today. It is my understanding that the existing schools we had sent the CSS profile to (MIT and Michigan) would get the updates. I need to send the CSS profile to a couple additional schools (Cornell and Vanderbilt) but I no longer see an option on the CSS Profile dashboard to add schools.

Suggest calling and having them guide you.

Agree…contact the College Board on Tuesday regarding adding additional schools.

Unless something has changed, there is no way to change the submitted Profile online once it has been submitted to the colleges. If you think you did that, I’m not sure you actually did. In most cases, you need to contact each college to find out how corrections are to be made. Corrections really can only be made if there were errors in your first submission. You can’t update things like assets. You can only change mistakes. The colleges will tell you what each college would like done to make a correction.

Like I said, maybe something has changed this year…but up until now, Profile corrections could not be made online for already submitted colleges. That had to be done at the college level.

Hoping others chime in…in case this is a recent change.

Now…if there is a change being made to additional colleges you haven’t submitted to…yes, those changes can be made when you are adding these new schools. My understanding was the new schools only would get the new submission info…not previously submitted ones.

And again I ask…where did you send these updates? To the colleges, or to the college board?

There is a new feature (new for the 2023-24 school year, I believe) that allows you to submit corrections to the CSS profile via the college board CSS dashboard. You are presented with a text box where you can enter up to 2000 characters explaining what needs to be changed. This information is then appended to the end of your CSS profile. I did not take any steps to send this correction to the schools, but I will get in touch with them in the new year to see if I need to take any additional steps.

With regard to the inability to add additional schools, I will get in touch with the College Board next week.

Thanks all!


Maybe you can’t add new schools while the changes are processing.

Anyway…enjoy this holiday week and this will get resolved.

Great if the Profile can now be edited online. Let everyone know what they say about how this gets submitted to the colleges. It does sound like you are taking it on faith that the CB will correct the fields. I would definitely contact those colleges after the holidays!!

If it’s like FAFSA, you will have to wait until your change processes before you can do anything to your Profile. Not sure how long it takes (FAFSA is typically pretty quick, but no clue for Profile).

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Hi! Did you get an answer on this? I just went back to try and send the CSS to another school and I can’t find a way to do it either. I did not make any changes. It is the original from November, I just want to add 2 schools my son wants to apply to.

Hey! Did you solve this? I’m having the same issue

I am facing the same problem please guide me