Sending extra recommendation letters?

<p>I'm considering sending one or two extra LOR to these schools</p>

Boston U

<p>The reason is because I have two very different ECs - one of which is starting my own production business that was profitable and won a national award when I was 16. My teachers didn't really know about it because it didn't have to do with school, and I chose to only talk about it in my EC essay and not my common app essay because there was something else I wanted to talk about. I have someone writing a recommendation for me who knew me and the process I took to start my business very well throughout the whole year I started it up to what it has become today.</p>

<p>My other non-teacher recommendation letter would come from my newspaper editor. I did not work for the school newspaper - I was hired as the youngest ever intern for my town's 20,000 distribution award winning newspaper and he said in his recommendation that I am the best intern they have ever had there (although they usually only accept college interns NOT HS age) despite my age and that he would hire me in a minute if I ever decided to come back after school.</p>

<p>My question is, is it worth it to send these two additional recommendations to all these schools if some of them say they only want up to 1 extra one? I feel like both of them would give insight into my application that isn't there from the teacher recs because a lot of my accomplishments have actually been outside of the classroom.</p>

<p>Or should I just try calling all of them to see what they think? Can someone weigh in on this? I'm a little bit confused as to what I should do...</p>

<p>Just follow directions, that's why colleges give them on their websites. If they wanted you to send more, they would have said so, instead of explicitly saying to send one.</p>

<p>Thanks I agree. I think it might not bode well if I send in more than they specify on their website; it may look like I can't follow directions which is never good. I'm going to send in two extra ones to the colleges that say they allow up to 2 or 3 extra (Harvard and Princeton both say this) and then just choose one to send to the others who say they want only one maximum extra one (Yale, Columbia, etc). Does that sound like a good plan?</p>

<p>One of my interviewers recently told me to send two extra LOR to their college even though they don't ask for it because he told me that my situation was unique and the LOR would enhance my app. He said he was going to write in his report that he told me to do this so that the blame would fall on him if they end up not wanting them. So for that college I definitely will send the two - that's what gave me the idea - but I think unless my other interviewers tell me to go ahead and send in the extra ones despite the college regulations, it's best to just follow the regulations and then send the extra one if my other interviewers say the same thing...</p>

<p>Well, while I always say to follow directions, I don't think it's likely to harm you if you send in both of these, since they're different from each other and different from your academic recs. If you are going to send only one, send the one from the newspaper editor.</p>

<p>Thanks! I agree about sending in the newspaper editor. He told me some of the things he wrote in it and he talked about A LOT of things that I didn't have room to mention in my application and that I'm positive my teachers/guidance counselor don't even know about (they aren't that involved with students lives outside of school unfortunately). I haven't received the recommendation from the person who has known me since I began my own business - but I imagine it might include some of the things I mentioned in my short EC essay for the common app. </p>

<p>But anyway, the bottom line is that, if his recommendation doesn't end up repeating the things I mentioned in my essay and doesn't just say "this person is hardworking, dependable, blah blah blah" then I should just go ahead and send it the schools that explicitly state to only send up to one additional rec?</p>

<p>I agree with entomom. Follow directions. They know exactly what they want and they want to see that you can follow directions.</p>

<p>My S is applying RD to Yale. He asked two teachers for recommendations. One teacher has already mailed the rec. The other one may not have mailed it yet. However, the Common
App shows another teacher(a third teacher, who was not supposed to send to Yale)'s rec shows in the school form. My S asked his GC and was told that the third teacher did it online and was automatically sent to all schools he applies. Now there are 3 rec. being sent to Yale when it only requires 2. Is it going to hurt my son's application by this extra rec? I told my S to ask the original teacher, the one who might have not sent yet to cancel it. But my son said it may be too rude to do that, and this particular teacher knows him well. Can anyone please advise?</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>