Sending GRE Score Reports - Subject Test and General Separate?

<p>I am applying to several grad program in the fall. Some of the schools require the Math subject GRE, and some do not. I am taking the Math GRE next weekend but won't know my scores until after many deadlines, and only want to send the subject test score to some of the schools. The ETS site says two things:</p>

<p>"All scores earned during the five testing years following the year in which you tested will be reported to each institution you designate. </p>

<p>You may choose to send GRE® General Test scores only, GRE® Subject Test scores only or both scores, but you may not choose to have only those scores from a specific test date reported."</p>

<p>What do they mean by "all scores earned"? Wouldn't that include my subject test? I am wondering how I would go about sending different score reports to different schools. I am assuming I would have to go through the process twice--first choose schools to send only the general test results to, then pay and have them sent, then go on the site a second time and choose to send my full score report including the subject test to the set of schools that requires the subject test.</p>

<p>Could I also just next weekend, when I take the test, have the GRE score report sent to schools that require the subject test, then pay to have only the general test sent to the rest of the schools? </p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>For each recipient, you can designated if they should receive the general score, the subject test score or both. It doesn't cost extra to send both scores as long as you order them at the same time.</p>

<p>When ETS says that all scores will be reported, they are referring to applicants who have taken a test multiple times. For example, if you took the general GRE twice, you could choose to send both scores or none at all, but you cannot send scores from one test date and hide the other.</p>