Sending GRE Scores if they are waived...

Hi All, I took the GRE online and my scores were above the averages for some programs I am applying to, so I feel it would benefit my application if the scores were considered. However, for some of the programs, they say this: Due to difficulties with test taking during the COVID-19 pandemic, the GRE score requirement is temporarily waived for applications submitted for fall 2021 admission.

My question is: Should I send the scores anyway to these schools? Will they even look at them? Or are they just saying that the scores are not required, but they will still be considered?

if they are strong scores for that school, by all means report them. (when my D applied to grad school, nearly every app had a spot to self-report teh scores, and upload a copy of the score report.).

Even if they really are not being used for Admissions, a strong score might earn you a fellowship or other grant.

Why not? Waived doesn’t mean “will not be considered” in most cases. In cases where it does mean that, it certainly won’t hurt you.

Agree, if your GRE scores are above the average for a program I’d send them.