Sending IB transcript got delayed.

Sending IB transcript got delayed since there is mixup at my school. I have requested to send IB transcript electronically yesterday. But I got mail from my chosen university saying that unless my transcript reached by Jul 15th, my financial aid will be cancelled. I am worried. Is there anything I can do to approach university to get more time to submit? I have a request reference number for Transcript from IB board. Does it help If I call university and request them by phone? I am worried that they might cancel my aid, in which case I cannot attend the school. Please suggest my options.

Call or email the university. Let them know that the transcript is on its way. Check in again on Tuesday with the folks responsible for sending the IB transcript to verify that it has indeed been sent, and with your university that they did receive it.

Better yet have your guidance counselor or school office call the college to let them know the transcript is on the way.