Sending in an unofficial SAT Score Report

<p>So, I got an e-mail from USC asking for my SAT scores because they hadn't come in yet from the CollegeBoard. When I went to print out my score report, I got this 10 page document. Do I send this whole document? Or can I print out the score summary I see on like, a regular webpage (not a PDF file like the 10-page document)?</p>

<p>If my explanation doesn't make sense, please tell me. It's kinda hard to explain what I'm seeing on my screen xD. I'll try to explain it better if it's hard to understand.</p>

<p>Print out the score summary. FAX, email, mail, or upload one page that shows both your scores and your name. You do not need to send 10 pages. Do it as soon as possible. After submitting your unofficial scores, be sure that your official scores have been sent to USC - if they haven't order them as soon as possible.</p>