Sending in AP Scores

<p>I know you can self-report your AP scores on the Common App. Do you have to ask the college board to send your scores to all the schools you're applying to, or is the self-reporting enough? I ask because I heard someone mention that they and their friends had only sent the official score report in to the school they'd ultimately decided to attend. Information on this?</p>

<p>When you take your senior year AP tests, you mark which college you will be attending and the CB will send a free score report to that school during the summer. You don't have to send it when you apply, only self-report.</p>

<p>i will be an incoming freshman this fall. none of the schools i applied for last yr asked me for my official ap score report, they just had me tell them the score, and that was that. i have to send my scores to the college i am going to attend in the fall though</p>

<p>what war chant said makes very good sense.
for one, self reporting will test your honesty. I bet to actually get credit you have to send them scores. if your app and the score report show different things.... things may end up bad for you.</p>