Sending in application without SAT scores

<p>I'm taking the December SAT but I want to send in my application sometime within the next few days.</p>

<p>I've only taken the SAT once before and the scores are pretty terrible.</p>

<p>So my question is: Is it possible to send my application with the bad scores, say, today, and then when I get my December SAT scores send those later? Will this be considered?</p>

<p>Most colleges accept through December tests and many of those even accept Jan SAT tests, and official test scores can arrive after application is sent and actually after the application deadline and still be considered. For example, UCs have an application deadline of Nov 30 but accept test scores from December test dates. However, there are a small number of colleges that want testing completed before December, so I cannot tell you that you will definitely be fine in what you are planning.</p>

<p>So it wont "hinder" my application in any way?</p>

<p>No, unless the school has rolling admissions meaning it issues decisions as applications are received. If you actually send in your application and an offical test score to such a school today, you could get a decision before the December score even comes out. However, you are not required to send any official scores immediately and can actually not send except as part of the December test. Even rolling admissions schools won't make a decision until they have offical scores from the testing agency.</p>

<p>As long as they accept the December scores, you're fine.</p>

<p>Even with rolling admissions, if your scores are "pretty terrible," you're better off waiting.</p>