Sending in H.S. Transcripts question

<p>hi guys when the UCs ask for your high school transcript do they just need the one from the school you graduated from? i went to 2 high schools in total. the 1st high school..i went there from 9th-11th grade and moved to another high school for 12th grade. so do i still need to send in my 1st schools transcript too? or just the one i graduated from ? thanks alot!</p>

<p>i believe you need to send in both</p>

<p>yep, both.</p>

<p>UCLA didn't ask for my high school transcript.</p>

<p>thanks for the reply guys. but would the UCs that require HS transcripts even know that i attended more than 1 high school? i mean all the classes i took in 9-11 grade are on the transcripts at the school i graduated from..</p>