Sending in SAT scores with (minor) typo in name?

<p>Basically, my name with the College Board is incorrect. I've called several times, I've e-mailed, I've done all I could to fix it but they have thus far been incredibly unhelpful. The mistake is minor, but I really don't want anything to get in the way of colleges getting my scores. </p>

<p>After one last ditch try to fix it today, I just sent in my scores to Berkeley (they are due by the 31st, so I used rush shipping). I think I should be fine, but will this mess things up epic-ly? Is there anything else I can do? </p>

<p>For reference, this is what the mistake looked like (using only my real first name, of course): </p>

<p>Correct (and what I used on my app) looks like...
First: Hannah
Middle: A
Last: Pond</p>

<p>What was on College Board (and SAT scores):
First: Hanna H
Middle: A
Last: Pond</p>

<p>Lastly, I only applied to UCs, so Berkeley will be sharing my scores with the other schools. </p>

<p>Any insight on this mess? Is this typo even big enough to worry about? All my other information is correct and matching.</p>