Sending in Supplements (art, music, etc)

<p>For people who are talented in art or music, etc but aren't applying or art schools and want to send in supplements, do they just send it in with their college aps? Or are you only allowed to send in an art porfoilio, tape, etc if you are applying to the college of arts or if there is a space on the application that tells you to send in additional stuff?
Thanks so much! :)</p>

<p>You can send in a supplement for the arts even if that is not your intended course of study. If they want your particular type of artistic talent for a group on campus, it can help. My child had an extensive choral background and wanted to be part of the choral groups at the U of Chicago while studying a completely different major. So, she produced a CD of her singing both independently and along with her primary choir and sent it along with her application. Well, I guess it helped because she was admitted and is now in two of their premier choirs.</p>

<p>My d sent in a dvd of her ballet dancing, even though she is not going to major in Dance. It showed the admission office that she was a dedicated/accomplished dancer. A few dance teachers did write to adcom on her behalf.</p>

<p>so do you just send it in? is there a part on the application that tells you what you should do if you want to send in a supplement like that? Or are you expected to just..send it in to the school?
(thanks guys!)</p>

<p>There is an Arts Supplement form with the Common Application. You fill it out and send it in with your CD, tape or whatever. (There are clear directions on the Arts Supplement page.)</p>