Sending in Video

<p>I just got a great idea for a video to send with my application along with my supplement and other materials. Should I pursue this idea and send in a creative video or would admissions just view this as an unnecessary hassle?</p>

<p>Elle Woods called. She wants her idea back.</p>

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<p>"Elle Woods called; she actually got in"
go for it</p>

<p>Sorry to be a bummer, but if this is going to be a creative "hey let me in to UChicago"-style video of the sort many people post on YouTube, don't do it. If it's a supplement showing you actually DOING something- your solo in a ballet recital, a snippet of a theater piece you were in, a short video of you playing piano at a state competition- send it in. Figure out the best portion of your performance and highlight that- remember, you won't be the only one sending in supplementary information, so make sure to only show the parts that focus on you and your particular skill, not a lot of filler.
There's a fine line between things that are useful and things that are annoying, and I feel like most of the time videos that don't show off a skill or just present information that's already in your application in a silly way aren't useful when you have plenty of opportunities to show this side of you in other ways. If you want to present yourself as creative and interesting, especially in applying to UChicago, I'd strongly recommend focusing on doing so through your essays, which are already set up to be read as a representation of the creative and interesting portions of you.</p>

<p>Just bummed into this video on Youtube.</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - ‪U of C Demonstration Against the Common Application‬‎</p>

<p>The title of this vid is </p>

Students rally against the common application at the University of Chicago


<p>Just wondering if anyone here was part of the rally.</p>

<p>And your today's view of the changes made then.</p>