Sending my Research Paper

<p>I am reading the "Acing the college application" book and the author says to absolutely do not send in an research papers because the admission committe will not read a thickly paper, and if I my paper was really good, to send it instead to a professor in the appropriate department at that college.</p>

<p>I know the author is speaking for colleges in general, but does MIT generally welcome research papers? Does anyone know what is MIT's preference, because I noticed Caltech specifically welcomed research papers? Should I send in my research paper to MIT, and if so, to the admission office? Thanks!</p>

<p>There was just a thread on this within the last week:</p>

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<p>Note particularly the comments of molliebatmit and benjones.</p>

<p>The thread above should answer the question "should I send my paper to the admissions office."</p>

<p>As for "should I send my paper to a professor in the appropriate department"... I'm going to come down on the side of "no". Unless you strike up a correspondence with a professor prior to sending the paper, and he/she specifically indicates a desire to read the paper, I think it is more likely to annoy the professor.</p>

<p>As a prospective graduate student, I'm being advised not to submit copies of research papers I've co-authored without specific solicitation from a professor or from a department to which I'm applying; I assume that goes double for a prospective undergrad.</p>

<p>ok, thanks so much you guys!</p>