Sending November Grades (ED ppl)?

<p>Are we required to send our first quarter grades? It doesn't say so in the application packet or on the website... and i dont really want to send them because i think they're going to be bad, but when i called the admissions office they said i should. Are u guys sending in ur 1st quarter grades?</p>

<p>nope. only mid-year report in feb. (after 1st semester)</p>

<p>ooooh- i should send in first quarter grades, lol.</p>

<p>Sigh.. so i dunno what to do.</p>

<p>I called and they said if they're available to you. ( The lady was rude....I hope she's not my admissions officer, lol)</p>

<p>Im not sending mine, because mine come in after the deadline, Im only sending in my mid year report, and that is only if im accepted or deferred.</p>

<p>I asked my counselor could she send in my first quater grades and she said she would.</p>

<p>Well I guess my question is not whether I can, or whether I HAVE TO. because you see, i dont really want to, and if its not a requirement i dont see why i should give them a reason not to accept me, u know? so do u think they would not process my application or something without them? or will i be fine not sending them.. since technically in the app packet i think they only ask for mid year report?</p>

<p>yea arangatan they dont want quarter grades, its semester grades they want which arent available until january or february</p>

<p>freakish i encountered a rude-azz admissions officer too..she was all givin me an attitude</p>

<p>omg r the ppl who pick up the phone the ppl who read our application??</p>