Sending November SAT scores

Hi there! I applied early to a university that doesn’t accept score choice for the SAT Reasoning and sent them my October SAT score plus June Subject Test scores. My October SAT was definitely a weak score and I wanted to send the November scores (which hopefully will be better), but I have a small inquiry. When I go to the page to send my scores, should I select only the November test date (and ignore CollegeBoard’s pop-up that warns me that the school doesn’t accept score choice) or should I send them all of the scores (although they’ve confirmed that they’ve already received the previous ones)? I realize it might be a trivial matter but I am an international that doesn’t have much insight into how the system works and no counselor to ask. Thank you!

Since the rule is for you to send all tests, you can do it either way because the result will be the same but you have no reason to choose not to send prior tests. Colleges are used to get getting multiple copies of the same test when students take multiple SATs and send scores on more than one occasion. One thing to be aware of if you are intending to use those Nov scores for early decision or early action and the school accepts Nov scores, is that you will need to get them to the college quickly so they can be considered in time. The fastest form of delivery is to identify the college in your test application as one to automatically receive scores upon release. Moreover, in that situation exercising score choice to prevent prior scores from being sent when the Nov test is sent actually slows down the process somewhat of having the scores sent.