Sending Official Transcript & Orientation

<p>I'm an incoming freshman and am going to attend Session 101 for Orientation (July 6-8).</p>

<p>I realize that the deadline to send in official transcripts is July 15, but is there a need/is it ideal for me to send in my official transcript before I attend Orientation? I'm not sure if it will arrive in time for Orientation, does it affect class scheduling?</p>


<p>They ask that you bring a copy of your transcripts for your orientation session,
UCLA</a> Summer Orientation Program</p>

<p>PS, I'll see you there, we have the same session (:</p>

<p>@livelovecheer That link you posted says transcripts and test scores from "post high-school institutions," so like summer classes at a community college I believe.</p>

<p>I was worried about that too, but yeah you just need to bring a copy with you. </p>

<p>I got the same session, see ya there!</p>