Sending out Apps without the essay?

i need to send in my Common App supplements to all the schools im applying to because i need to hand my teachers the recommendation forms. is it okay for me to send in common app supplements to the colleges without sending my fee or my supplement essay(should they require one) with it? i need to give my teachers the recommendation forms this week and i want the colleges to have something before they get my recs so i want to put these in the mail today or tomorrow. will they make a folder for me with only a common app supplement? no common app form, no essays, no fees? JUST the supplement? im sending out 9 apps so i really dont want to have to pay the fees until i know for sure that i have not gotten in ED. and i havent written any essays, and thus not completely filled out my online common app form yet. i know im slacking, but im so busy. fill the schools make my folder with just teacher rec, counsler rec, supplement, and wait for my essay/common app?

<p>Usually the first thing the colleges want is your money. It can come with the supplement, or part I of the application for some schools. They will not open a file for you without your application fee. So if you don't want to pay before your ED comes in, give you teachers the forms, but attach a note asking not to mail it until Dec. 15.
If you are asking the same teachers you asked for ED app., just tell them to save a copy of the letter, because you'll need more of them if you don't get in ED.</p>

<p>what happens if you already gave all of the recs to the teachers a while ago to mail out, but you haven't sent in the application fee for most of the schools yet?</p>

<p>I already sent in Part I and the fee to Cornell (ed) and a couple other schools, but I haven't sent in the fee for the rest of the schools I'm applying to (like Umich).</p>

<p>Will they still put the teacher recs in a safe place until the rest of my applications come in?</p>

<p>I think they do keep the letters, probably till the applications due date, but you may want to call the admissions office and ask to make sure. It is safer to have a file opened for you, if you are sure that you'll be applying.</p>

<p>what about the essay? can i send in the supplement without the essay?</p>

<p>I think most schools will keep recommendations on hand waiting for the applications to come in (for large schools you would probably run the risk of a form getting lost though).
I don't understand why you would want to send in a supplement without the essay.</p>

<p>Your teachers can send their recs before you send your portion/the money. They'll just keep it in a big bin until they get your part. But for your part, you should probably try to send everything together. And if you're waiting for ED decisions, it's really not as urgent as they make it sound, you'll be fine if you start sending stuff at the end of december.</p>

<p>Well, i called Harvard admissions, and they told me that i can send both the Common App and the supplemental essay later on. I know that some schools do take a look at the essays early on, though.</p>

<p>so i can have teachers send in my recs before i have anything else in?
btw, thanks for all the replys</p>

<p>also, im sending my common app out online. is it possible to send the common app to pomona in november, and then the common app online to my other schools in december again?</p>

<p>yup i think so.</p>