Sending pictures. (shoud i?? if so, how?)


<p>i am applying MIT/engineering and a following is a quesion from MIT application
"Completely Optional
13. On a seperate sheet, show us and/or tell us about something that you have created. This can be, for example, a design, a device, an object, an idea or concept, a piece of music or art."</p>

<p>only thing i can think of is my photography (i've never had a research or whateveR)
but i dont whether i should or not. would it hurt my chances if it sux?</p>

<p>also if i want to send it, HOW should i send??
i am thinking about just develop my pictures on 8x10 and send them..
(other options are a formal portfolio, slides, or sending files online)</p>

<p>anyone have sent or will send pictures for colleges??
thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I have a photography portfolio but I am wondering the same thing as you. I'm not thinking of doing anything art/photography related so I'm not sure. I was told my my teacher that if it is not a art specific program, not to send slides, but just enlarged works.</p>

<p>i dont see how a photography portfolio can help if your applying for engineering. maybe get some pictures next to like say an aircraft engine opened up or pose with some serious adult nerds?? just trying to help</p>

<p>I somewhat agree with gh0st33 but for that same reason why would you include any extracurriculars? I think that most colleges want well rounded people and it isn't that common to find an artsy AND technical type person. MIT isn't exactly known for art, so maybe it will help set the above poster apart from some normal techie. Hey, whatever helps!</p>