Sending portfolio to UMich

Hi, does anybody know how to send a portfolio to the University of Michigan? Thank you

Whether or not UMich will accept a portfolio depends upon your intended major.

Here’s what I know—Michigan does not want supplemental materials unless those materials are required to be admitted to your major. My kid is submitting a music supplement to other schools as an engineering major. However, we couldn’t find any mention of how to submit on Michigan’s website. When we called, the rep clearly said they don’t accept music supplements for non-music majors.

You may want to call. Best of luck!

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CC, Kid may want to consider Undergraduate | U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance if want to blend engineering and music interest.

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Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering

Department of Performing Arts Technology

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thank you so much

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Can you tell us what kind of portfolio?

It seems that at least some universities that have a School of Music/ BM program do not want music supplements from non-majors.

Are you majoring in music? Or are you planning on extracurricular music? Or art? Theater?

If you are a serious musician who does not want to attend the School of Music at UMichigan, you might want to check out your access to teachers and performance opportunities, since they may mainly go to BM students.

It varies with the school but bears checking out. @ChezCurie may know for UMIch.

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There is one for Ross also @malu24
Your using slide room.
Good Luck…

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Well this too:
U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance (

I think we assumed the OP was not applying for a major that required a portfolio but was, instead, seeking to submit a supplement for an arts /music area of interest that was not going to be a major.

If you are applying to Stamps or The school of Music, it is pretty clear what to do, from the website, but supplementary materials for non-majors is less clear. For music and the arts, it looks like UMichigan does not want supplements at all.

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For things the student is unsure about its always just best to call the department or admissions then the student will know for sure. I don’t like taking chances.

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