Sending recs

<p>Just wondering, do our teachers mail the reccomendation from our school, or do they give it to us to mail? Also, if the teachers mailed it from the school, how could one be sure that MIT would know that the rec belonged to one's application?</p>

<p>Have you sent in Part 1? If so I think you should have an ID #. My son had his teachers put his name, ID #, social security number, DOB and address at the top of all letters. You'll have to read the application to see if the teachers mail the letters themselves or give them to you (sealed in an envelope) to mail with your application. The application directions will tell you how to do this.</p>

<p>Does the adcom email us our ID# if we send in part I by regular mail?</p>

<p>My ID came by regular mail after sending in part 1.</p>

<p>MIT has forms you can download which the teachers attach to their letters. You write your name and birthdate on this form, and the teacher rates you on various checkbox scales.</p>

<p>Wait, our teachers just need to fill the forms right? They don't have to write letters...or do they?</p>

<p>Well, okay, the form has two pages, the second being several free-response questions about you. MIT knows that not every teacher has the time to answer these individual questions as well as those posed by other universities, and so they accept a letter in lieu of the essay questions. In that case, the letter would be attached to the first checkbox page.</p>

<p>LSA - did u get any email informing u that the adcom received your forms as well?</p>

<p>no... that's what you use myMIT for :)</p>

<p>(plug in your mit ID and last name to register an account, then you track your app)</p>


<p>My 2ndary school report and Evaluation A were processed by MIT. The only thing left is Eval B.</p>

<p>I asked my language teacher, who wrote that Eval B, and he replied that the evaluation had been mailed to MIT ages before. But when I checked MyMIT on web, the box was still unticked!</p>

<p>What should I do now, pushing MIT Admissions Office to find my recommendation, or asking the teacher to write another one then send it more securely? Or just do both?</p>

<p>uh sorry LSA - i meant, did you get your ID via email as well? Or did you just sign up on your own? Thanks!</p>

<p>no, i did not get my ID via email, only via postal mail. i sent in the paper Part 1 form and received a paper reply with my ID. i only registered on the website after receiving my ID in the mail.</p>