Sending SAT 2 Scores

<p>Hi everyone. I applied to CAS and I'm sending my ACT and SAT IIs. I've seen a few posts on CC about the whole confusion about sending SAT IIs but having to send SAT I, but I'm really confused, so I wanted to ask for myself. My ACT is far better than my SAT I, but if I am sending my SAT 2s, will I be forced to send my SAT I as well? It doesn't make sense since I'm sending my ACT. Also I'm aware Cornell doesn't participate in Score Choice, but I thought that only applied to the SAT I. Does this mean that I can choose which SAT II scores I want to send or do I have to send all of them? Thanks all answers are appreciated :)</p>

<p>Hi emimart,</p>

<p>I'm a student ambassador from Cornell. This is a question you might want to pose to the admissions office in CALS (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;). Since you're wondering about mixing test scores they would be the best people to ask.</p>