Sending SAT/ACT test scores before submitting applications ?

Quick question …

My D has both SAT and ACT scores and already sent them to all the schools even though she has not completed the common app. Is it ok to do that or should we contact schools to let them know that scores are on their way without the application?


That’s fine, no problem whatsoever, no need to contact them.


Thanks …With all other pieces being sent separately (transcripts, schools reports, LoR…) that got me worry a bit.

As long as the information used to identify the student is correct/consistent, schools will match up all the data as received. A very high percentage of students send SAT scores, through the free submission process, well in advance of fall senior year applications.

@RichInPitt & @evergreen5

Thank you both for the answers. Another questions regarding 2 test scores:

  • She sent the SAT score (taken 12/19) couple week go because she wanted to make sure schools receive the score by the EA deadline. However, she also sent in the ACT score (9/12/20) just received 2 days ago since the score is higher in comparison. Most colleges she's applying only take 1 scores, so she is worry that they may penalize her for not following the guide line.
  • Will they pick the higher test score and ignore the other one ?

Thanks in advance for your help.