Sending SAT and ACT scores to colleges

  1. How do we send the SAT and ACT scores to colleges ? We need to send to colleges in Common App and Coalition .
  2. My DS was able to connect Common App to Naviance to request LOR from teachers . How do we connect Coalition to Naviance ? Is there a different process to request LOR to colleges list in Coalition ?
  1. If the college allows self reporting, the scores are listed on the application. The official score report does not need to be sent until accepted and committed. If the college does not allow self reporting, the scores need to be ordered from the College Board.

If you are applying early and the colleges need the official reports, I would send them now. ACT at least said it could take 3-8 weeks to have scores sent. Can’t speak for SAT scores.

For SAT, please send scores directly to each college from the collegeboard website. It costs $12 per school. You cannot connect the CommonApp to the SAT score report (unfortunately).

If you are aiming for the Nov 1 deadlines, please order them as soon as possible so they can reach in time. But before ordering, please check out the college website to see if they actually need the official score report, or are they ok with the self-reported scores. In my experience, some mid-tier public schools in my state needed to receive the official SAT score report before they processed my application.

Sorry not sure how to connect Coalition to Naviance.

Thank you. Will do it today.
Do we need to pay separately for each SAT subject test ?

what I meant to ask is DS has his SAT score and can send it right now. But his SAT subject test scores will be released on OCT 16th so does he need to pay again when sending those scores to the previously sent colleges?

For any colleges outside the free score reports, yes.

Since the SAT subject test results are coming out on Oct 16th, I would suggest waiting until that day and then ordering “Send all scores”.

Only exception is - is there is a school on your list which absolutely does need that official report in by November 1? You can clarify from their website and also by emailing the admissions counselor. In that case, send the main SAT today, and then pay again for sending the SAT Subject tests for that school.