Sending SAT scores - am I too late?

<p>OK, so I am sending my SAT scores today and I know the deadline is January 1. CollegeBoard says it takes 1-2 weeks for scores to be sent, which means they would definitely get there after the deadline. However I have heard that this is OK as long as they have your application by the deadline and your scores come soon enough.</p>

<p>Do I have to rush it? I would definitely prefer not to since it's an extra $30 but if I have to I will.</p>

<p>Don't rush it. The scores will come sooner than 2 weeks. Many people have asked the same question recently in the College Admissions forum. CMU will not reject you outright because of this. They are still reviewing ED applications so as long as scores arrive before Jan. 15 you're fine.</p>