Sending SAT Scores Dilemma!

<p>I have a real problem here. I applied early action to a school, and (as most of you know) I will not find out whether or not I get in until December 15th. The problem is, I will be applying to a different set of schools if I get in EA (i.e. if I get in, I don't need to apply to safeties or matches, and I will apply to all reaches. If I don't get in, I will need to apply to matches and safeties).</p>

<p>Now for the dilemma: When I find out (on Dec. 15th) I will then know to which schools I am applying. However, if I submit the SAT score report request that same day, will they make it to the colleges in time for the Jan. 1 deadlines, or will it be too late? Do I need to submit requests now to all of my possible colleges just in case? Please help! :(</p>

<p>If you do regular order on December 15, there is a chance they may get to a college by Jan 1 but you have a risk that they will not. If you do rush order they will. But there are things you need to determine first. For those colleges to which you may apply with a Jan 1 app deadline date, what is their actual deadline for test scores? Many Jan 1 app deadline schools continue to take scores after Jan 1 and often up until the 15th because they accept test scores through the December test date (Stanford even takes them through the Jan test date meaning they can arrive in February). Next, if the college actually requires scores by Jan 1, does it accept rush scores? Many colleges do not and thus you would have to send them by regular order in which case they may not arrive by Jan 1.</p>