Sending SAT scores-quick question

<p>Hi all.
My D is re taking a couple of SAT II's tomorrow. She registered to have scores sent last month. Will the new scores automatically be sent to the same colleges, or does she have to register again? I'm leaning toward the former.</p>



<p>The scores from each test date must be separately requested to go to the set of schools desired. Where she sent the scores from the Oct test has nothing to do with where the scores will go for the Nov test. Usually, you would select the list of schools when you register. However, I think you can make changes up until a few days after the test (please, check this w/ College Board, Im not sure). </p>

<p>The colleges will receive a cumulative score report - inclusive of ALL test scores to date. For this reason, it's really not important to send any scores until the student has completed all of the testing on all of the dates. For parents like me who didin't understand this methodology early on, we waste money on sending multiple score reports over the months of testing. Last month son sent scores to all schools in which he's interested (he surely won't be applying to them all - I think there were 12). Now he's taking the SATI again today. The good news is that if today's test doesn't give him a higher score, he won't send it to anyone and they'll never know he took it.</p>