Sending SAT Scores through Collegeboard

How long it take for the colleges to recieve them?

<p>I sent some in September and it took exactly 2 weeks to get to the school.</p>

<p>why does it take that long?</p>

<p>I don't know why CB takes long, but do know that one state school claimed not to receive S's scores. We paid CB for 3 day rush, and kept calling college to see if they had received. The fault was with the college, who lets scores sit in their mailroom for weeks before processing.</p>

<p>I remember reading something last year that schools get a weekly (?) update (whether by disk or download, I don't remember) from the collegeboard of the scores that CB has to report. These can be directly input into the schools computers. The trouble with rush reports is that they come by mail and can languish in the mailroom and then have to be handled individually. Some schools will tell you not to put a rush on your scores. They will actually come slower.</p>