Sending SAT scores

<p>I do not receive my scores until the 22nd.
I'm seriously freaking out right now.
Will there be a problem if scores are sent on the 22nd for a Jan 1st deadline?
Should I use rush scoring?</p>

<p>No, don't do a rush. If you already have the colleges defined that will receive the scores, just leave it be. The schools will be processing many applications and pieces of paper starting with the new year ... they will work their way through applications as all the pieces fall into place and it won't take just a day or two. My son's scores for a college showed up as received on that college's application status website about 2 days after he added that college to his SAT college list.</p>

<p>Don't rush: as a matter of fact, I recall Dartmouth telling applicants to NEVER rush send scores to them. They say that once ordered, the admissions office just downloads a daily list of new scores from a secure server. There is no "sending" as we think of snail mail. It's just a computerized migration of your data from one access setting to another -- rather pricey for the actual action, if you think about it.</p>