Sending SAT scores

<p>I'm a sophomore, and currently my SAT scores are:
SAT I: 2190 - CR 670, M 800, WR 720 (i think i'll do much better next year)
SAT II Chinese: 790
SAT II Math IIc: almost certainly an 800
Should I send my scores with the service provided by Collegeboard, or not? (low SAT I right now)</p>

<p>I would say no for a sophomore. The reason has nothing to do with your score. Colleges set up a file for an applicant whenever they receive either a test score or an application and then match to that file everything that comes in after the initial set-up. However, if you send a test score sophomore year and then don't apply until senior year, you will find that the college often may not be able to find your previous file with the test score -- they may delete the file after a year or send it to some nameless archive tape that cannot be readily searched.</p>

<p>Don't send scores until senior year.</p>

<p>@drusba: Why is it bad that colleges do not find their previous files?</p>

<p>When you send your most recent SAT scores, all your scores (including past SAT and SAT II's) are sent. So they're going to see the 2190 regardless of when you send scores.</p>

@drusba: Why is it bad that colleges do not find their previous files?


Because then the applicant might assume his file is complete, when in fact they are missing test scores. It becomes stressful later on when you have to scramble to get the scores re-sent in time for decisions.</p>

<p>Wait what??? what do you mean sending in scores using the college board program</p>

<p>What do you mean the "applicant might assume his file is complete"?</p>

<p>drusba was saying that someone in their sophomore year should not be worrying about sending SAT scores, since they won't be applying until senior year, another 2 or so years away. The reason being that while colleges will receive the scores, during those 2 years they may lose/misplace the scores.</p>

<p>What I was saying is that if someone were to send it during their sophomore year, and then not re-send it during senior year thinking that they've already sent it, they will think the college already has the scores (not all colleges have moved to an online checking system)</p>

<p>Well, CollegeBoard provides a free service to send up to, I believe, 4 free score reports to colleges of your choice. Should I do it? I pay nothing...</p>