Sending SAT scores?

<p>When registering for SAT, it says that you can send scores to 4 colleges for free. Is it a good idea to do so? Do most people wait until all SAT, SAT IIs are taken and send all scores together?</p>

<p>Many do not use that option because they want to know the scores before they decide to send. If you are taking an SAT II later you can use that later test to list 4 free sends that will get both that SAT II score and any prior SAT scores (but even in that case you will be sending that SAT II score blind). You can always pay a fee per send/per college to send any scores after you know what they are. As to what most people actually do, they are no stats I am aware of but many will list the colleges for free sends and many will not.</p>

<p>Sorry to add another question to this thread, but it's related. When you send scores to a school, does it send a score report with all of your scores, or do you need to individually pay for a report for each individual score?</p>

<p>It sends them all prior tests including SAT IIs. You can check whatever you want off though.</p>

<p>Thanks for all replies. They are very informative and practical!</p>

<p>I was actually wondering something similar. I'm done taking the SAT, so should I send colleges my score reports now? I'm probably going to end up taking some Subject Tests in October, but some of the schools I am applying to do not consider them as part of their admissions process. Should I send it in to those schools? Also, should I wait until after the SAT IIs to send my score reports to the colleges that do take the SAT IIs?</p>