Sending Sat Scoressss

<p>i need to send my SAT scores to my ED college by DECEMBER 1st
to send them REGULAR it takes 3 - 5 weeks
rush takes 2 days
december 1 is in exactly 3 weeks... should i RISK sending the scores REGULARly?
or RUSH??</p>

<p>rush baby rush baby rush rush RUSH!!!!!!!!!!! wooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!11</p>

<p>what makes u say that?
are u sure??</p>

<p>cuz its a 50/50 chance they wont arrive on you wanna risk chances to that school over 30 bucks?</p>

<p>actually isnt it only 20 dollars more?...meh i dunno</p>

<p>regular $14
rush $40</p>

<p>$25 more....go for it.....well dont just take it from me....i happen to be the most impatient person in the world</p>

<p>it depends on the college you're applying to. for example I applied ED to Columbia and they wrote on the website that you must not rush scores because they arrive in paper and they will not be processed. check on the college's website</p>

<p>also i sent my scores around October 22 and they were recieved by about November i think that they just say 3-5 weeks to cover themselves in case there's a huge delay</p>