Sending Scores By Nov 1..?

<p>I Took Sat I In October
I Am Also Applying To Uiuc Early Decision By Nov 1.
Does The Score Have To Be Arrived By November 1 Or Do They Wait For The Requested Score?</p>

<p>Why Do So Many People Type Like This?</p>

<p>anyway, I'd like to know also as I had an app due on the first also and did not rush my Oct. scores.</p>

<p>Yeah, I have same question,
btw, UIUC has no Early Decision, it's just rolling and it has priority circulating dead line..</p>

<p>I don't know if your scores have to arrive by Nov. 1 or not. If you are concerned, you can have expedited score delivery (2 days). I think it costs $20 more than regular.</p>

<p>do i have to send a score report? can i send a photocopy of the official score report that the college board sent me? what about for SAT IIs? don't they see all my scores anyway, considering that there's no score choice (ie, if i only sent my good SAT II grades, they'd see the rest anyway, so what points a score report if they have that kind of access)? im guessing that they won't throw away your app since people taking the nov. SATs can still apply ED just by sending in their scores as soon as they're in.</p>