sending scores, confused, need help

<p>Does anyone know is it acceptable to order sat scores tommorow to be sent to colleges, and they will be delivered in time so that I will not be turned down because I did not meet the deadline of 1st january? I mean, is there necessity to rush scores? Everyone is on vacation now, so colleges do not answer e-mail questions. Furthemore, is collegeboard on vacation too? will they send scores assoon as I order?
Furthermore, I did not understand sending policy. for example if I have taken test 3 times, and I want to send all of them to certain college, do I pay money 3 times money for sending, or it is still one sending and costs 10$, or if I rush them, nthey cost 40$..</p>

<p>Order scores on-line now regular delivery. Colleges accept scores that arrive within a reasonable time after app deadline, such as by mid-January. </p>

<p>If sending SAT scores, you pay one fee per college to send all scores to the college. With ACT you have to pay a separate fee to send each test to a college.</p>

<p>drusba, what about toefl score? If I take it in 14th january, will it be accepted? I worry about it...</p>