Sending Scores for Early Decision

<p>Ok, the only thing left to send to them is the score report for the SAT, but I have to take a test in NOvember, how would I send the report? Do i send it from the place where it says to update and list the schools, or would I send in my scores up til now?</p>

<p>Um, just so you know, they don't accept November scores for early decision. I've been told they wait to get the results from a test if you've already taken it, but I don't think they'll wait to send them if you haven't taken it yet. You might want to ask a counselor or call college board to find out cus you wouldn't want to have your scores be late.</p>

<p> most certainly do not want your scores to be in late...but Daria, I used to think that they don't accept November scores for early decision either...but later I heard from so many people that they consider it, but it's just not a should definetely look into that cb43087...calling them would be the best option...</p>

<p>Yes, they do accept November Test Scores. It says right on the Application. As with anything, however, there is a slight risk they wont arrive on time.</p>

<p>then on the application, for best SAT scores, what should we do? - leave it blank and put november on it and have them figure out to wait for your november scores? or just put the best scores from before.</p>

<p>I'd put your current highest score and then indicate below that you are indeed taking it in November. </p>

<p>Also, your score report sent by the college board indicates what upcoming tests you have registered for.</p>

<p>oh ok good with the registration thing...but there's no space on the online app for indicating such a thing!</p>

<p>pedro7487, I think I read the application (both online & paper) inside out, but I might have missed it. Can you tell me exactly where it says they do accept November Test Scores? </p>

<p>That would be really helpful, thx. Cause i certainly didn't catch that...</p>

<p>I spoke to the Admissions rep for my area who will be reading my app, and he said that they will accept Nov 6th SAT II scores. This was confirmed when I called the admissions office.</p>

<p>Delfire, you got me...I can't find it either. A few months ago someone posted and left a link to a part of the Columbia website. I clicked on it and found the info there, the only problem is, I have no idea what the link was. So if you want to go searching through the Columbia website, it's bound to be somewhere.</p>

<p>I called and they said they do accept them (I inquired for SAT II, not SAT I). She said although they do accept it, I should note that it might take long to grade writing (I unno), and if they are not in in time... it does not mean that my application won't be reviewed, it will be reviewed simply without the SAT IIs (which will penalize me I guess).</p>