sending scores required?

<p>hey, do i have to send in my official score reports for my application review? My school puts the scores on the transcript i believe. but when do i send my transcripts to UC? THey neever asked for it on the app</p>

<p>from the website:
"Freshman eligibility requires submission of the official test scores for two SAT Subject Tests (in two different subject areas) and either the ACT Assessment plus Writing or the SAT Reasoning Test. Your scores must be sent by the testing agency to the campus(es) to which you applied. You must take the exams no later than December 2006 if you are applying for the Fall 2007 term. If the University does not have official score reports on file by late January, your admission may be jeopardized."</p>

<p>and you don't need to send transcripts until you get accepted...</p>

<p>p.s. oh joy...another nguyen for ppl to assume i'm related to :p</p>

<p>LOL I know what you mean, ekn111. I thought the n stood for nguyen, if ekn is your name</p>

<p>yup, you're right :D</p>