sending scores to colleges?

<p>Can we do that online or do we have to use the thing on the admissions ticket? and can we still send them for free after we see our scores online?</p>

<p>No, in order to have free ones you must register for it before the test I think. It might be until a certain date after the test that you can get the free ones, but it would definitely be before you see your scores. Ask Mrs. Ferguson, or she might come on here and answer. She'll know.</p>

<p>So now that we're done with the test, what are the options available? Call ACT and get them to send a copy of score report or use the score report that ACT sent to my high school?</p>


<p>Colleges don't accept score reports unless their sent from the administering test company (ACT, SAT). The only way you can send your scores for free is when you sign up for the test, usually via your school, and use corresponding #s to identify where you want them to be sent. After the test, ie when you see your scores online or receive the score report in the mail, it costs $8 for a regular report, 13$ for priority.</p>

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<p>You can add colleges for free until the Thursday after the test (up to the limit of 4), but you can't see your scores online until the week after that or later.</p>

<p>damn.. But what if I want to send my best score? In that case, I would have to wait until I get my scores, compare it to my previous test scores and then send my score report .. Isn't there a cheaper way of doing it rather than paying $8 per report?</p>


<p>I'm taking the October ACT, and I already received my admission ticket. I didn't specify score recipients when I registered. Can I still get those free? How do I add them?</p>

<p>The bottom part of the registration - fill it out and send it in.</p>

<p>Adding</a> college codes.</p>

<p>how you do it online if possible....i clicked the link but did find it</p>

<p>The link tells you how to do it by mail or phone. You can't do it online.</p>

<p>ok i appreciate it</p>

<p>thanks, that helps a lot.</p>