Sending Scores to Colleges

<p>I know it is early but is it okay to send scores to colleges?</p>

<p>Do colleges respond once they get the scores?</p>

<p>Do campus interviewers look at students file before an interview?</p>

<p>You can send scores. We never got any response when scores arrived at schools. I would think that an admissions counselor would grab the file if there is one (I did 100 years ago when I was in admissions). DD did not do any admissions interviews when she went through the process.</p>

<p>I sent my scores to most of my colleges (just the ones I'm sure I'm going to apply to) primarily because the fee to send scores will go up 50 cents to $10 next year. (Yes I hate giving CB money that much). I haven't gotten any response, but then again I don't think CB has sent my scores yet.</p>

<p>A couple of the schools my older child applied to gave him an application account and he (me) could log on to see when the scores arrived, if the transcript was received, etc.</p>