Sending Scores

<p>Two questions.
If a college has a January 1 deadline, when do they need to have my scores?
I took the subject tests in both November and December. My December dates are not out yet, and CB won't let me select both the November scores and December scores to send until the December scores come out in 4 days. If a college has a January 1 deadline, when do they need to have my scores?
My second question: Why won't CB let me select both my November scores and my December scores? When I go to the score selector, the box for selecting the December scores is grayed out. Does this have to do with the fact that the December scores have not been reported yet? Or do I need to send both dates separately and pay an extra $10.50 per college?

<p>If a college has a January 1st deadline, they need your scores by January 1st. So you don't have to send them yet. </p>

<p>College Board won't let you select the December scores because those scores haven't been reported yet, but once they are (in 4 days), you can send out both scores on one score report - not separately.</p>

<p>Ok. So if I were to send the scores when I get them on Thursday, would I need to pay to put a rush on them?</p>

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<p>First, many schools accept scores after the Jan 1 deadline and some insist that everything be there by Jan 1. So it is worth checking since it is $30 to rush each set.</p>

<p>If they must be there by Jan 1 then unfortunately you should spend the money because the CB says to allow 5-10 working days for them to get to the school and it is cutting it too tight.</p>

<p>Otherwise, go ahead and send them regular speed.</p>

<p>First of all, many colleges indicate on their admissions sites to not "rush" scores, as the scores usually come only one or two days earlier than scores that were not rushed. I'm in the same situation, with all my scores being sent today, and I plan on calling my colleges tomorrow to notify them that I have officially sent the scores. This way, even if they arrive past the deadline, the admissions counselors are expecting them and know I have not forgotten.</p>