Sending scores

<p>If I took the ACT & SAT in 10th grade, can I just never send those scores to a college? Some colleges say they want ALL your scores. My scores were decent, but I'm sure to improve them in 11th & 12th grade. When I took the earlier tests I didn't send the scores anywhere, not even to my high school. Is it OK to just send colleges my 11th & 12th grade scores?</p>

<p>I guess it would be based on the colleges. We sent just what D wanted sent, and it gives you that option when sending test scores. You would have to check with each admissions rep from the Universities you are considering..</p>

<p>"Some colleges say they want ALL your scores."</p>

<p>And those colleges usually mean "all." If the college requires all scores then you should send all scores. If the college does not then you can choose what to send.</p>

<p>But do schools really want to bother with early scores, before 11th grade, that don't count?</p>

<p>I wish I could help you on that but truly have no idea. D did Duke testing in 8th grade and had a good result but we did not send that score. The schools she applied to did not ask for all scores with the exception of 1. (Duke itself)
She only took the SAT 2 times, one score was 40 points lower due to the fact that being a bad mom I sent her to take the test sick. When she got home I had to take her to the ER she had a temp of 102 and strep throat...(just didn't realize she was that sick when she left) we did not send that score along except to Duke.</p>

<p>Scores from tests taken in any year in high school are scores that can be used for admission and colleges which require all scores want those. You keep looking for an out. It is not there. Where you may find an out is that some of your "all scores" colleges apply the rule to SATs and not ACTs or require you to send all SATs only if you submit one and all ACTs only if you submit one and thus you can choose to send all of one test or the other.</p>