Sending Scores

I am in the midst of applying to colleges, and my college counselor advised me to send my SAT scores to all of my schools, including my reaches. My best and final score was a 1370 (660 E & 710 M). Should I still send this score to schools like Emory, UVA, and Wake Forest? Would sending it hurt my chances? Please share your thoughts. All of these schools are test optional, but could not sending scores hurt my chances (other people at my HS have tested and will likely be sending scores).
Thank you!

Look up last year’s mid-50% test score ranges (25%-75% percentiles) for each of your schools…admitted student test ranges are best, if you can’t find those use the enrolled student test score ranges from each school’s common data set (CDS).

IMO most students should only send test scores that are at the median or above of last year’s admitted students. Generally, scores below the median will not strengthen one’s application.

Before paying to send your scores, look on each school’s website to see if they allow self-reporting of scores…many schools allow this, and it can save you some money.

Here is an example:

Emory Class of 2024 mid 50% test score range: EBRW 690-760, Math 720-790. Your scores are below this range (low end is 25%ile), so you should apply Test Optional to Emory, as your test scores are not only below the median test score, they are below the 25%ile.

If one were going to apply with test scores, they can self-report them at Emory and would not have to pay to send official scores from CB (or ACT).

For students who self-report test scores, many schools will require the official scores be sent upon enrolling.

Good luck.

Thank you very much! I appreciate your help.