Sending scores....

<p>I've sent Harvard my SAT, SAT II, and AP scores each time... They would have those on record, so I don't have to re-send for EA, right?</p>

<p>Correct. (I don't like this 10 character limit)</p>

<p>I sent my SAT score report to Harvard when I took the SAT IIs last June, and all of my scores showed up online on my status page.</p>

<p>how exactly does one send one's AP scores?</p>

<p>Bryllyg-You don't have to send AP scores (until you decide to go somewhere). If you do want to send them, you can't do it online like you can for SAT scores. It's not a very hard process, and the directions are somewhere on</p>

<p>ModestMouse probably sent them as she took the AP tests (you can send 1 score report for free).</p>