Sending Scores

<p>Ok, so I'm getting ready for the college admissions process and I need a little help with how to send scores. All right, so I already took one SAT II and in Oct., I'll be taking two more. For the latter two I already put down one university I want to send my scores to since I'll apply to it EA. However, if I don't get in can I still go back and put other universities down? Will the scores get there on time if applications are due in Jan.?
Also, for the SAT II that I already took I didn't put down any university; can I still go back and add universities to send me scores to? BTW, money isn't a concern to me in terms of late fees, CB has already taken hundreds from me, a couple more won't matter! LOL!</p>

<p>Thanks guys!</p>


<p>I would wait until October comes around for you to send your scores (though, ask if your October score will get to the admission office on time for EA.) </p>

<p>When you send your SAT, you send all of your scores. Since you get four free college reports every time you take an SAT test, use that to your advantage and sign up with four colleges in October (it'll save you money.) After you take the test, send it to any more colleges you need to.</p>